10 Tips For Preparing For Your NCT

10 NCT Tips

As per the official data provided by the National Car Testing Service (NCT), over 50% of cars failed the NCT in 2018, and a further 8% failed the re-test. Most of these fails are minor, and preventable providing you follow the right preparation protocols. Our experts at SMF Motor Factors have made a list of 10 tips to help you get ready for your NCT.

1. Do Not Cancel Your Appointment
Do not cancel your NCT test appointment less than 5 working days before the test date. If you cancel or do not show up for the test, a surcharge of €22.00 will be added the next time you bring your car for the test.
2. Get Your Re-test within 30 Days
If your car fails the NCT test, it requires a re-test. However, you should ensure that you bring the car for a re-test within 30 days. Otherwise, the car will have to undergo the full test and you will have to make the full payment again.
3. Top up Fluids
Check engine coolant, oil, steering fluid, windscreen wash, and brake fluid are all topped up. All of these are labeled under your cars’ bonnet and can be easily topped up. It is important that you top up to the recommended levels.
4. Clean Your Car Thoroughly
Before going for the test, do ensure that you clean your car thoroughly inside and outside. Mirrors, windows, tail-lights and registration plates should all be cleaned. Ensure that you do not leave unnecessary belongings inside the car.
5. Seat Belts Checking
The seat belts inside your car should be in good condition and fully visible during the test. If they are cut or frayed, the car might fail the test.
6. Check the Number Plate
The number plate of your car should be in accordance with the regulations. If the number plate is missing or is not following the regulations, your car might fail the test. Also, ensure that the number plate is fully visible.
7. Check Car Lights
Make sure your car bulbs are in good condition. Because it will be an instant fail if your bulbs are blown. Check the parking lights, indicators, brake lights, fog lights, and headlights before going for the test. Do ensure that the light covers are not damaged.
8. Check Car Tyres
For wheels where the nuts are not visible, remove the hubcaps. Also, ensure that the tyres of your car are in good condition. Tyres not being in good condition is one of the major reasons why so many cars fail the NCT test. The tread depth should be no less than 1.6mm. Ensure that the tyres are inflated with the correct pressure.
9. Check Suspension
Do ensure that you check out the suspension of the car. If you cannot do it, get some help from the mechanic to check it out.
10. Documentation
Do ensure that you bring along all the necessary documentation with the car for the NCT test. You are required to have the original Vehicle Registration Certification at the time of the test.
For more help getting your car ready for the NCT, make sure to get in touch with us at one of our stores our through our contact form below.