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Car Cleaning Tips
Cleaning your car can be a tedious and time-consuming task. But if you do it right, your car can look as good as new. And by doing it right, we don’t just mean simply throwing a bucket of soapy water over it! Our car cleaning experts at SMF Motor Factors have created a list of tips below to get the job done like a professional.
1. Clean Inside Before Outside
Before you get started with your cleaning activities on the outside, clean your car completely from the inside. Start by removing all the rubbish from the inside including door bins, ashtrays, glove box, and other storage spaces. Make sure that all of the dirt and debris are removed. If you have seat mats inside your car, take them out and clean them thoroughly. Use a vacuum cleaner to ensure that all dust particles swept out from inside your car.
2. Clean At The Right Time
It is important to select the right time to clean your car. Do not perform any washing and waxing activity when the weather is very hot or under direct sunlight. If the conditions are hot, the water will evaporate quickly and will result in grimy residues even before you get a chance to wipe it off.
3. Use Proper Car Solution
If there is a lot of dirt on your car, start by washing it with regular water. Once the dirt is taken care of, wash your car with proper care solution. Do not make use of home detergents as it strips off the protective layer of wax on the paint of your car. Initially, start washing your car from the roof and then move your way down to the sides, and at last, the front and rear of the car. This will ensure a proper clean.
4. Waxing
Though you don’t necessarily have to wax your car every time you wash it, it is important to use wax at least 2 – 4 times on your car. However, make sure you rinse your car completely before applying wax on it. It should be dry. Follow the makers’ instructions to apply wax on your car. Ensure that you apply the wax in straight lines and not in a circular pattern.
5. Tyres and Wheels
Do not forget to clean up the tyres and wheels of your car. Use a stiff brush to clean them off completely and get every part clean. You can find special degreasers and cleaners to give your tyres and wheels the best cleaning.