It pays to make the effort to get your car ready for sale. It doesn’t take a huge amount of work to get a better price. This blog covers the main things you can do to get the most for your car.

First Impressions Matter

Making a good first impression goes a long way in selling your car to a potential buyer. If you can impress a potential buyer at the very moment they first see the car, then there is a huge chance they will purchase.

Put Yourself In The Buyers Shoes

As a buyer, you will want the best possible price for what you are getting. So you have to look at it from their perspective.
Make sure to closely look at the car from all angles. Look at it from afar, up close, sit inside it, and take note of all things that could put the potential buyer off buying the car.
Look for scratches on the paint, scuff marks on the trim, and show marks on the carpets. All of these little things can cause decrease the cars appeal, yet they are often very easy things to fix.

Is It Worth Repairing

You need to decide whether or not certain things are worth repairing. For example, it makes sense to repair dents and scratches as doing so will increase value. Also make sure to examine the engine oil and coolant for leaks, and little things that the buyer may spot and consider fixing any issues. A good clean engine will make a massive impression.

Freshen It Up

Once you’ve decided to sell your car, don’t wait until the last second to start freshening it up. It can take time to improve the odor of your car, so start with a nice air freshener a few weeks before you plan to put it on the market.

Wash The Exterior

Give your car a good washing to remove all dirt and grime from the exterior. Make sure to give it a good wash that removes all the dirt from the painted surface.

Polish the surface to add a nice shine.

Clean the windows so they sparkle.

And one easy thing to miss is the door jams, so make sure to give them a good cleaning as they are the first thing a buyer will see when they open the door.

Clean The Interior

A dirty, smelly cabin will be a huge turn off for a potential buyer. So make sure to give it a good clean before you show it to a buyer.
Start by removing the floor mats and give them a good vacuuming. Clean the seats, door trims, and the dash board. The dash board is the one of the main areas to clean as it’s going to have a lot of attention from the prospective buyer when they sit in.

Also make sure to clean under the seats and remove any rubbish.

Clean The Boot

The boot is an area of the car that is often ignored, but it is important as anyone buying the car will ask to look in the boot. So make sure you give it a good vacuum, fix the spare tyre in place, and remove any rubbish.